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While previewing homes, it is important to notice the type of hurricane protection or lack thereof.  Consult with your insurance professional to discuss the mitigating discounts.

Your home inspector should be qualified to perform a wind mitigation inspection and provide you with a report. Not every home warrants a discount, but there are improvements you can make to save money on your homeowner's insurance.

Accordion Style Hurricane Protection

Now that you have decided you want to purchase a home, it is time to decide how you will make this purchase. Do you have money in savings or retirement system that allows you to pay cash?

Perhaps you want to consult with a mortgage professional to learn if you qualify for a mortgage.  There are various types of loans that are based on your credit score, income, savings and other circumstances.

Be prepared to provide your real estate agent a copy of your most recent bank statement showing enough cash to make a purchase or for a down payment or a recent mortgage preapproval letter from a reputable company.

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